Thursday, August 8, 2013

HTTP Proxy list, proxy servers - UPDATED 08.08.2013

What is proxy server? A server that is located between a client application, such as a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Google Chrome) and a real server. It sends all requests (web page, message, file,..) to the real server.
Why use proxy? Hide IP address for anonymous and security, by pass firewall of ISP. Filter and cache content, compress and data. Access to restricted sites or online services. And etc.
Proxy usage
With alive proxy you are able to play in online games at not available game servers. Play in SilkRoad Online, Rappelz, StarCraft, Vindictus, WoW and other games in official game servers with proxy server. Anonymous proxy gives you new possibilites with playing in online poker or online casino.
Fresh USA proxy helps to create accounts in PayPal, dating sites (like for example), post any advertisement on,, Ebay or
Buy HTTP Proxy and it will help to improve results of online voting, to post reviews and feedbacks in many sites.
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We accept: PayPal, Credit cards, Western Union, Web Money, LiqPay, Perfect Money, BitCoin
IP address Port Country Anonymity HTTPS Checked (ago) Check 3128 ruRussian Federation Transparent - 00:00:25 check 87 usUnited States Transparent - 00:00:27 check 9000 cnChina Transparent - 00:00:28 check 8080 lvLatvia Transparent - 00:00:36 check 8080 usUnited States Anonymous - 00:00:41 check 87 usUnited States Transparent - 00:00:45 check 3128 brBrazil Transparent - 00:00:57 check 3128 brBrazil Transparent - 00:01:16 check 80 usUnited States High - 00:02:33 check 8080 cnChina Transparent - 00:02:43 check 80 nlNetherlands High - 00:02:46 check 3128 deGermany Transparent ok 00:02:54 check 87 usUnited States Transparent - 00:02:56 check 87 usUnited States Transparent - 00:02:59 check 80 cnChina Transparent - 00:03:14 check 3128 brBrazil Transparent ok 00:03:43 check 8080 usUnited States Anonymous ok 00:03:51 check 8000 cnChina Transparent - 00:04:39 check 87 usUnited States Transparent - 00:04:41 check 3128 thThailand Transparent - 00:04:45 check

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